. Serve.


Serve / Volunteer

Woodcrest is sustained by volunteers! Over 300 volunteers are needed on both campuses to accomplish a "normal" weekend … not to mention the countless others serving throughout any given week.

The ministries you find listed on this page are places where you can start serving and helping.

Kidcrest Volunteers

Children’s Ministry at Woodcrest is all about connecting kids to God in a fun way. The experience is fun for those serving and for the kids you get to spend an hour with once a week. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available, from teaching and shepherding, to working at the check-in desk. Help is always needed on all campuses!

Student Ministry Volunteer

Woodcrest Student Ministry is commited to helping students find truth by giving them the tools to explore the claims of Christ for themselves. The experience is life-changing for students and those who walk alongside them as mentors and friends.

Guest Relations

The Guest Relations team is all about making people feel welcome. Included in this Team are our Greeters, Ushers, "Bucket-Passers," Bookstore and Coffee volunteers. If you’re looking for an easy way to get started serving, then this team is for you. Volunteers are needed on all campuses.

Creative Arts

Are you an artist, be it musical, technical, theatre or film? The Creative Arts Teams are always in need of talented, committed volunteers to serve on the weekends and at Community Live! Help is needed on all campuses.

Me & My Journey

In Me & My Journey, you’ll spend time exploring the unique person God has created you to be. Through a variety of exercises, you’ll learn about your unique personality, spiritual gifts and God-given passion. At the same time, you’ll be learning what the Bible has to say about using your personality, gifts and passions to help others!